Tuesday, December 19, 2017

About Us

Welcome to Kyle’s Fun Adventures!

Kyle’s Fun Adventures is all about the joy of family travel, going on an adventure with kids, and making the mundane become an extraordinary experience!

Being a kid-friendly website, Kyle’s FunPlay also features our little star, Kyle, unboxing his newest toy collections, playing his latest video games, and getting on with his favourite gears.

Family Travel and Adventure

Having a splendid vacation abroad with a partner is one thing; traveling with a kid in tow is a whole new different story. We belong to the latter’s category. If you’re wondering, is it difficult? Yes. But is it worth it? A ginormous YES!

Bringing along a third member of the party is actually pretty manageable. When we travel, we always opt for the best places where Kyle can have a great time as much as we do. Which is why, some of our favourite picks would include amusement parks and kid’s museums. We basically plan a tour with a kid-friendly itinerary.

Kyle’s Play Time

Sky is the limit for what technology can offer when it comes to entertainment. Games on tablets, computers, or smartphones can easily lure the kids. But we know for sure that this is not the only way for them to have fun. As a parent myself, I make sure to provide Kyle a healthy balance of entertainment not just from phones and tablets but also from traditional games or toys.

We also consider outdoor playtime to be an important aspect in my boy’s physical and mental development. That is why we find ways to give him the opportunities where he can be physically active while developing his social skills. For instance, we often bring him to parks where he can play with other kids, stroll the neighbourhood while hiking, or simply go biking.

Spending some fun time indoors is another way for us to bond together. We do this by exploring different games like board games, puzzles, arts and crafts, action figures, racing games, pretend plays, book reading, baking and cooking, and a whole lot more! Family time is not limited entirely to touch screens or game consoles, after all.