Tuesday, December 19, 2017



Whether you’re a frequent or a leisure traveller, the first thing you’d want is a luggage which you can rely on to keep your belongings safe, intact, and secure. This suitcase from Samsonite is a titan when it comes to security features. It has a three-point locking system that is perfect for those who are a bit concerned about the safety of their stuff.

It’s also super-light and easy to carry around! It has wheels that rolls in any direction, reducing the need for you to tow the luggage in the usual way. The materials used to build it is the best there is in the market. To say that the whole thing is very sturdy would still be an understatement; it’s Samsonite, that’s why it’s tough and highly-dependable.

What we like: We love every inch of the Samsonite S’Cure 4-wheel spinner suitcase. The quality feels premium to the touch. It comes in a variety of colours and the design fits perfectly for everyone’s taste. For us, the one feature we like is the 4-wheel spinner.We could just push it around in any way we want it.

Product Description

We’ve been through the world and back, and there’s no other luggage who can stand and fulfil our traveling needs than the Samsonite S’Cure 4-Wheel Spinner. Give yourself the peace of mind when travelling; grab one today.

  • Body built in Flowlite, revolutionary new polypropylene mix material
  • Three-point locking system security features
  • Multi-directional double wheels
  • Integrated ID tag
  • Compartment organiser for easy, no-sweat packing

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